The essential step to your pilot goal

As airline pilots ourselves, we are convinced that the success is a method.


    REGULARITY        X       EXPERTISE      =     SUCCESS
    For a pilot, it means a lot of home flight simulation with a remote instructor.

Coached online on your home flight simulator by real airline pilots

  • Start earlier

    ● Get ready for the real training● Start building your experience before others● Learn the successful pilot mindset● Start in real life only when you are sure to succeed● Visualise each lesson● Get a lot more value from real hours● Get the wow effect at the first real-flight with your instructor

  • Train smarter

    ● Maximize Regularity● Track your progress in real time● Save money● Learn from the best, with on field experience● Surround yourself with expert ● Deal with emergency situations● Solve weaknesses and build situational awareness

  • Fly higher

    ● Maximise the value of your in flight training● Fly safer● Get ahead of the prom● Get the best jobs● Fast-track your career

How it works

  • Select your training

    Whatever you just discovered flightsim ? Want to fly seriously ? Or prepare a real-world training ? We have a solution for you, the next-gen method.

  • Choose an instructor

    Our instructors are experienced real-world pilots, usually flying business jets or airliners.They will follow an online tailored training.

  • Share a cockpit online

    Using today's flight simulation, at home you can get 90% of the benefice of a real-world training.XPLANE, MSFS, Prepa 3D etc.

  • Get your debriefing & track your progress !

    Our app integrate the most advanced tools to train you and keep you updated about your progress so you can get the best learning curve possible.


Frequently asked questions

  • What is the No. 1 success factor ?

    Regularity, regularity, regularity.
    You should book at least 3 hours a week minimum. And with this rhythm you should reach a full PPL level in 3 months or professional in less than a year. It 's entirely in your hands, the aircraft will never be in maintenance !

  • What equipment do i need ?

    ● Minimum :#Xplane or Microsoft flight simulator #a reliable internet connexion #Joystick or yoke + rudder● Optimum experience :+VR/MR headset
    You may use a shared cockpit plugin or a screen mirroring software as Zoom.You will have to set maximum realism and the weather requested by your instructor.

  • How do i share my screen and my mouse with the instructor ?

    Download zoom for desktop. It's free & easy to use.
    Zoom is better than Skype for our activity :-You can send/receive scheduled meeting invite.-You can share your screen & mouse, so the instructor can show you some things directly into your cockpit !-No time limit with the free version (as long as you are just two).
    This video about ZOOM shared screen is a good explainer :
    Zoom help center page :

  • Do i have what it takes to become a pilot ?

    Truewings instructors referring to official training programs will give you the knowledge and skills you need to become a qualified pilot . This is the essential first step before starting a training in real-world.

  • Is a basic home simulator sufficient to train seriously ? 

    Yes. Flying is not a sensation sport ! The brain need to memorise the basics, where to look when, in which direction move the control, (but not necessarily the intensity), You train your brain to adapt, and a good pilot is also one who can change of aircraft and still after 1 hour of adaptation fly a perfect approach. A good IFR pilot must also learn to NOT thrust its "seat of the pants" feeling, it's actually a pleasant sensation in VMC, but listening this feeling can be very dangerous in IMC, as you will learn there are a lot of killing sensorial illusions. To counter that, you must thrust your instrument. So it's actually a good thing to begin the training on a fixed simulator.Flying in the sim can at some point become harder than real-world ! So when going real, its a piece of cake..

Great pilots are made not born… A man may possess good eyesight, sensitive hands, and perfect coordination, but the end result is only fashioned by steady coaching, much practice, and experience.

Air Vice Marshal J. E. Johnson
Royal air force

The most powerful tool to fast-track your career

Success roadmap


Start earlier at home


Begin the real-flights


Be smart, improve & solve weaknesses at home


Get your pilot license/rating easily


Prepare your airline assessment


Get the best flying job

100%of successful airline pilots use flight simulation at least twice a year.
98%Satisfied TW trainee (2% refunded*)
    Your cockpit & training calendar
    Choose & book an instructor or fly right now !
    See upcoming flights and associated briefings
    Live debriefing New
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    Logbook page
    Compare your progress & share it with your friends !
    Reminder : it's only an animated snapshot of the main features.

Recommended training :


Professional pilot goal

5h with a TW instructor

345 €
For 5 hoursSatisfied or refunded*

real-world from : 1500€

  • Typical lessons

    -IFR program-Specific airport training-Skills assessment & improvement-English communications-CPL or IR-ME theoretical support-Pre-assessment for school recruitement

31 trainees under training/9 remaining 2021

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Choose an instructor according to the language, the most convenient time etc. And then you will fly together online until your reach your goal.

Full refund

As airline pilots ourselves we have already been in your situation. So we want to be the first step to your dream. If you feel it wont be the case, we will refund you. You can ask for a full refund anytime before the end of the first 30 mins.

Are you ready ?

anxiety/stress unprepared pilot => confident and prepared pilot(emotional part)

How to save money ?

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