• Finding a job is one thing,Getting the job is another one... 

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    9 of 10candidates are not selected

  • You have to stand out at every step

The Method

We are a group of pilotsflying from Falcon 8X to A380,

We have been in your situation. But instead of following the mainstream, the first three of us decided from the start to put all the chances on our side.
How did we do that?
We asked expert assessors (Head of Training, Chief Pilots, TREs, SFEs, etc.) and selected candidates questions like these:

● What are the similarities between the successful candidates?● What do the selected candidates know that others do not?● What are the common determinants of success ?● What are the 30 most asked ATPL questions?● What actions usually lead to a failed outcome?& others.

Because we have succeeded hasslefree in all of our selections and checkrides since then, we decided to make this invaluable knowledge available to any determined pilot.

We analyzed and organized this data to produce an extremely effective review systemAnd guess what? So far, 97% of our members have landed their dream job!