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How it works

  • Select your training 

  • An experienced instructor will contact you

  • Start your remote flight training

  • What equipment do I need ?

    * Xplane, Microsoft flight simulator or Prepa 3D
    * Reliable internet
    * Joystick or yoke
    We recommend using a shared cockpit plugin or screen mirroring software such as Zoom.
    You set maximum realism and the weather according to your instructor’s request.

  • How do I share my screen and mouse with the instructor ?

    Download Zoom for desktop. It's free & easy to use.

    Zoom is better than Skype for our activity :
    -You can send/receive scheduled meeting invites.
    -You can share your screen & mouse so that the instructor can demonstrate directly from your cockpit !
    -There’s no time limit with the free version (as long as you are just two people).

    This video about ZOOM shared screen is a great explanation :

    Zoom help center page :

  • Is a basic home simulator ok to train efficiently ? 

    Yes. Flying is not a sensation sport ! The brain needs to memorise the basics, where to look and when, and in which direction to move the control (but not necessarily the intensity). You train your brain to adapt. A good pilot is also one who can change aircraft and even after only 1 hour of adaptation fly a perfect approach. A good IFR pilot must also learn to NOT thrust their "seat of the pants" feeling. It's actually a pleasant sensation in VMC but paying attention to this feeling can be very dangerous in IMC, as you will learn there are a lot of killing sensorial illusions. To counter that, you must trust your instrument. So it's actually a good thing to begin the training on a fixed simulator.Flying in the sim can at certains points become harder than real-world ! So when virtual flying becomes reality, it's a piece of cake..

Great pilots are made not born… A man/woman may possess good eyesight, sensitive hands, and perfect coordination, but the end result is only fashioned by steady coaching, much practice, and experience.

Air Vice Marshal J. E. Johnson
Royal air force

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Recommended training


Sim assessment preparation

The best candidate is the most prepared.

495 €
For 5 hours with a remote instructor

real-sim at school from: 1850€

The best candidate is the most prepared.
Your instructor will use their practical experience to show you tips & tricks on perfecting your technique and on how to make the best use of them in each phase of flight. If you know which sim type will be used to assess you, we will find you an instructor who can teach you specifically on it.
The first hour will be a general assessment of your level so your instructor will lead her/his training to solve your weaknesses and increase your professionalism.

"Most affordable & efficient way to get ready"

After this course you will :

-Be confident about your skills-Fly with professional style-Have a clear mind-Have an increased workload capacity-Know all the tips to succeed -Know how to stand out from the mass

26 trainees/13remaining 2021

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“ I was curious about the shared screen concept, but finally flying remotely with Thomas my remote flight instructor was a great experience.
He showed me nice technics to fly the perfect raw data approach with an engine failure so now i have a lot bigger mental workload capacity and
i went very confident to my sim assessment which i succeeded !!!
A big thank you Thomas.”

May 27, 2020


Business jet first officer, 800 hours

“I've always wondered why home flight simulation was not used more for training, but since Truewings created the perfect tool for instructors to deliver high quality training despite the distance, i'm confident that in the near future this will be the number one step before starting any real training. ”

May 27, 2020


Easy jet airline pilot, 8000 hours