fly from home,become a remote flight instructor

As airline pilots ourselves, we are convinced that desktop flight simulation led by an expert is the smartest way to prepare any training or assessment

    Work from anywhere in the world
    Up to more than 400 € per week-end
    Teach at your pace, no obligation

Make money by coaching student online on their home flight simulator

How it works

  • Join the crew for free

  • Choose a job offer

  • Start the remote flight training

  • Receive the money on your bank account



  • What equipment do I need ?

    ● Xplane or Microsoft flight simulator or Prepa 3D● a reliable internet connexion●  Joystick or yoke 
    You may use a shared cockpit plugin or a screen mirroring software such as Zoom.You will have to set maximum realism and the weather according to your lesson

  • What are the requirements ?

    ● Be an instructor or a professional pilot with 1500+ hours.Even if it's a very serious training, it's a 100% safe virtual sky, so as long as you have knowledge/experience to share and some good teaching skills you can join the crew ! ● You must be familiar with flight simulation software like Xplane or Microsoft flight simulator. You will receive job offers, it's at your discretion to apply or not.

  • How much can I make ?

    1 training (5 hours)= 346€2 trainings = 693€5 trainings = 1730€Etc.
    Already deducted :Platform operating fee (website/app dev, payment security, maintenance, third parties tools...) 

  • How do I share my screen and mouse with the student ?

    Download Zoom for desktop. It's free & easy to use.
    Zoom is better than Skype for our activity, you can :-Send/receive scheduled meeting invites.-Share your screen & mouse, so you can can show some things directly into your cockpit !-No time limit with the free version (as long as you are just two).
    This video about ZOOM shared screen is a good explainer :
    Zoom help center page :

  • Is a basic home simulator ok to train efficiently ? 

    The brain need to memorise the basics, where to look when, in which direction move the control, (but not necesseraly the intensity), You train your brain to adapt, and a good pilot is also one who can change of aircaft and still after 1 hour of adapatation fly a perfect approach. A good IFR pilot must also learn to NOT thrust its "seat of the pants" feeling, its actually an agreable sensation in VMC, but notice this feeling can be very dangereous in IMC, as you will learn there is a lot of killing sensorial illusion. To counter that, you must thrust your instrument. So its actually a good thing to begin the training on a fixed simulator.
    Flying in the sim can at some point become harder than realworld ! So when going real, you think its a piece of cake..

If you really want to master something, teach it !

3 types of flying lesson shared cockpit

The fastest way to win more from your expertise

“ I was curious about the shared screen concept, but finally flying remotely with Thomas my remote flight instructor was a great experience.
He showed me nice technics to fly the perfect raw data approach with an engine failure so now i have a lot bigger mental workload capacity and
i went very confident to my sim assessment which i succeeded !!!
A big thank you Thomas.”

May 27, 2020


Business jet first officer, 800 hours

“I've always wondered why home flight simulation was not used more for training, but since Truewings created the perfect tool for instructors to deliver high quality training despite the distance, i'm confident that in the near future this will be the number one step before starting any real training. ”

May 27, 2020


Easy jet airline pilot, 8000 hours

The process


Choose a job offer


Contact the student& prepare your training 


Connect online with Zoom& complete the training


Fill a debriefing form& receive a bank transfer from TW

*Temporary process, a new app is under development. Feel free to send us any suggestions !