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    Finding a job is one thing,Getting the job is another one...

We are a bunch of pilots who interviewed dozen of head of trainings, chief pilots, TRE, SFE...
To finally put together the key things the assessors are looking for.


The proven method designed by the bests

    The tactics, habits, and techniques of the most successful pilots
    Extremely precise advices, gathered for 30 years from the world best airmen
    Unknown powerful tips & tricks, readily actionable

-2022 digital version in 2 packs-




  • 30 most asked ATPL questions

    With detailed best answers & online training quiz lifetime access

  • 20 most asked technical questions

    With detailed clear answers & online training quiz lifetime access

  • 15 precise tips to look professional & safe

    With detailed explanations

  • 10 HR decisive questions

    With detailed best answers

  • Fuel master flashcards

    + interactive app

  • Planning minima master flashcards

    + interactive app

  • Performance master flashcards

    + interactive app

  • Lifetime access to the community

    ● Get exclusive job offers● Offer your services as pilot/safety pilot● Share latest tips and tricks● Ask any questions● Get group pricing on trainings




  • Resume boost

    Send your resume (or your infos) and our team will make it unmissable and professional

  • "Best pilots techniques & tricks" guide 

    To fly any sim smoothly and save mental load

  • 5 NOGO common mistakes 

    and their countermeasures

  • 5 things to do in the sim to stand out each time

    With detailed explanations

  • 5 unknown psychological things to generate sympathy instantly

    With detailed explanations

  • "How to be ready for any sim assessment in 10 steps"

    A very efficient reliable program to be sure to not miss anything

  • Plane type memo card generator lifetime access

    Create a printable A5 format memo card to use in flight or on ground. Unlimited.

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  • Career pack new version


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  • Career pack new version


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Gary R.

B777 Captain

Cannot recommend this service highly enough to anyone and i would say a MUST for any low hour pilot. Thanks Martin D.


Logan D.

A320 pilot

I missed the sales! But great anyway… I landed the job !!


Noah M.

Captain Southwest airline

Valuable and useful advices from the coaches. Fantastic structure of the courses and great visuals.Highly recommended, high standards of training and assessment preparation.


Wayne D.

Challenger 650 Captain

Got the job. And one hour of flight at my new position already reimbursed my purchase ! I didn't need the resume upgrade but i had to pay for it as it's included in the booster pack :(



B737 Captain

I owe a big thank you to the team for this amazingly efficient concept, i highly recommend and that's not a lot of cash for a whole lot of sauce ! Special thanks to Martin, he made my resume incredibly nice. no need to look elsewhere.


Ronald L.

Major airline FO

I’m amazed by the course content, it really covers all aspects for an assessment preparation. Compare to my wage now, i got it for a song.


Jeffrey O.

First officer Virgin Airlines

True-wings guys will give you a powerful package helping you succeed in a very competitive market. I can only thank them for the efforts put into this content, without which, my position right now would not be this positive!


Jane M.

Air france

As a low hour Pilot, I was recently unsuccessful in a selection day and decided to seek some advice online. Found TW course, i thought it was pricey at first but it seemed professional.Exactly 2 weeks after I’m delighted to say that I have been offered a place with a major Airline.


Benjamin P.

FO Volotea

True-wings team’s insight, knowledge and thoughts were beneficial in helping me to prepare for my sim assessment where I was successful.
Best part was finding a job yesterday in the network app for my friend.


Françoise D.

Air france FO A320 family

Another big thank you... I got the job!!!!! Thank you guys !


Edward D.

Captain, Delta

Great help to me ! (beautifully designed visuals)Happy landings & fly safe


Willie Ethan D.

Netjet Challenger Captain

Real pilots to help pilots… Awesome. Missed the sales as well :(


Mike H.

Netjet F2000 Captain

It’s a shame i missed the sales, but it really managed to give me a knowledge and confidence boost ! Still worth the price for sure.


Ronald L.

Major airline FO

I’m amazed by the course content, it really covers all aspects for an assessment preparation. Compare to my wage now, i got it for a song.


Edward K.


I was absolutely delighted to be offered a job with my chosen airline and it is thanks to TW’s professional, beautiful service that I succeeded. Whatever your aviation background, I would highly recommend this course to all aspiring airline pilots. The community seems great too, didnt check yet.


George J.

Bizz jet pilot

The 20 technical questions checklist downloaded at the end of the course allowed me to review till the last minute ! I had 5 of the questions during the interview… Easy peasyFly safe guys


Eliot D.

Citation longitude FO Business aviation

Very helpful… Do you hire ? lol I got the bizjob i wanted sooo badly. thks
Lovin the longitude


Jonathan H.

Global jet F8X captain

Saved me a lot of costs… And most importantly provided me with a new job ! Thanks to all.Fly safe


Martine L.

Flight instructor LFMD

Will definitely recommend this course to my friends. Loved it ! fly safe <3


Guillaume E.

Michelin air service, Corporate aviation

Very detailed and effective. I will come back to it before my next checkride. 


Raphael E.

Volotea A320 first officer

I'm so glad to have done it with TW. My sim preparation was more than useful for the Volotea assessment I've been through... so useful that I've received the results yesterday and I'm successful! Happy landings guys


Bruce G.

Air canada Captain

As an experienced pilot I booked the course to prepare myself for a business jet company selection process after not having flown for a while. The course was well worth doing, would recommend it to experienced pilots seeking a refresher as well as young chaps developing their skills.


Françoise D.

Air france candidate

Feeling so much more comfortable now for my upcoming sim assessment. A big thank you already


Jason N.

Ex militaryFirst Officer Easyjet

Super super consised.. That's the reasob why it's extremly efficient. Recommend it.


Jackson Q.

American ailrines Captain

I owe a big thank you to the team for this course and service. Special thanks to Martin, he made my resume incredibly nice. no need to look elsewhere.


Willie Ethan D.

A320 Captain

Real pilots to help pilots… Awesome. Missed the sales though :(


Eric T.

Falcon 7X first officer

Dream became reality. You were so professional and helpful for everything. The course gave me all I needed to succeed for this assessment and thanks to you, I'll begin a whole new career as a bizjet pilot... Thank you again for everything.


Nicholas S.

Emirates FOEx-fighter pilot

Martin provided me with expert support and assistance throughout my application process. Using TW in-depth knowledge I was able to secure a job with the UAE’s flag carrier.


Alberto A.

Citation X piloto

WAIT FOR THE SALES ! 50% OFF 249€ for all !But great stuff anyway… efficient and actionable.


Marilyn F.

Falcon 900 CO-PILOTE

Great team and community ! To put the icing on the cake... I passed my Falcon FFS sim assessment. I'm a happy girl. Fly safe


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  • From our experience, we can promise you this 

    If you follow the training properly, make sure you understand all, master the quizzes and sometimes review the flash cards, we can promise you this:
    -For the rest of your career you will go to every technical assessment interview with confidence knowing it's just the occasion to stand out easily !
    -You will never be anxious before the sim assessments, you will go there only to compete with yourself.
    -Often on your debriefings the word "professional" will appear and the mention "high level of safety".

True-wings purpose

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    We are on a mission to help as many colleagues as possible get their dream job while improving aviation safety.We are still flying and working in layovers all around the world to assist you, update and improve the quality of our courses.MartinWrite me anytime: moc.sgniw-eurt%40tcatnoc


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@One button ldg page
@TF : "Great pilots are made not born" + secured payment, vat included.+ extra short... maybe not typeform.
@Payment in $ stripe ?@One Ad for low hour pilot job, one for pilot job.=>2 different landing pages
@add simple form to contribute
@add snapshot of the flash review card
@Ask colleagues to take picture of ipad in their planes etc. sliding inside product card
@landing page for desktop ? chiant à copier tout en double aussi?? :(



A psychological approach to make an impression during assessment
Go to your airline simulator assessment feeling confident and fully prepared.

The 7 day roadmap to success

Guaranteed success
In depth knowledge
_____Don't let the odds decide your futureDon't let stupid details ruined your performance
To stand out you need to train smarter, not harder.

"Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it"
____We are on a mission to help as many colleagues as possible get their dream job while improving aviation safety.____Finding a job offer is one thing, Getting the job is another one.
Take action with us and you will be ready.
SAFE and EFFICIENT, that's all that matter.
-----Get ready before the right job offer appears.
Let us help putting all chances on your side
------● Lifetime access, anywhere, anytime

"The most efficient method you will find online" Robert S. B777 Captain
"Sending 100 resumes is not the way.TW saved me months of wasted effort and frustration." Martha D.
"I went through my sim assessment with confidence and got the job ! Thank you TW" Mike A.


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