Instructor guidelines

The first times, allow 20 mins for the hardware to work. Then 5 minutes should be enough.The first lesson should be one hour or 2.The next lessons should be 2 hours.
First lesson (1hour) :@The first lesson is decisive, if the student does not continue training at the end of this first lesson, we will fully reimburse him and these first 30 minutes will therefore not be paid. @ Once the first 30 mins elapsed, the student can no longer be reimbursed, the hour will be paid to you. 
Each lesson (2hours) :@First, confirm with the student which pack was selected? The lesson number? To make sure you don't go over. If this is the case, he must be redirected to the site to buy a new pack before the start of the session. @Do not criticise or blame the technology limits of the home simulator. Visualise the exercise before starting it, detect any technical limitations and thus adapt upstream.(To avoid the so called negative training)@Training should be a pleasant time, above all you have to make sure that the student stays motivated and proud of his progress, however small it may be.
@ Prepare in advance your lessons by consulting instruction guidelines and EASA/FAA regulations.
@Always schedule the next lesson before saying goodbye !
@ Please remember that you are pioneers of this new generation of aviation training, be indulgent about this first version and feel free to give us any feedbacks.@True-wings lessons are not yet officially recognised, but we deeply aim for seriousness and professionalism.
@Simple rule : every time you finish a training pack you have to make an invoice. Not before.*
*Exceptions : if the student does not finish his 5-hour pack or changes instructor half-way, in this case you can make a special invoice.