• What equipment do i need ?

    ● Minimum :Xplane or Microsoft flight simulator and a reliable internet connexion Joystick or yoke● Optimum experience :+VR/MR headset + shared cockpit● Nice to have : Force feed back yoke.
    FYI: Headsets are now used in real-world pro trainings.You may use a shared cockpit plugin or a screen mirroring software as Zoom.You will have to set maximum realism and the weather requested by your instructor.Like our partner schools in reality, we mostly use DA40 and DA62 aircrafts.
    Private level = VR headset + rudder required

  • How do i share my screen and mouse with the instructor ?

    Download zoom for desktop. It's easy to use.
    Zoom is better than Skype for our activity :-You can send/receive scheduled meeting invite.-You can share your screen & mouse, so the instructor can show you some things directly into your cockpit !-No time limit with the free version (as long as you are just two).
    This video about ZOOM shared screen is a good explainer : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A1q_g4IyO2Y
    Zoom help center page : https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/201362153-Sharing-your-screen-content-or-second-camera

  • Do i have what it takes to become a pilot ?

    Truewings instructors referring to official training programs will give you the knowledge and skills you need to become a qualified pilot . This is the essential first step before starting a training in real-world.

  • What are the differences with the real thing ?

    Once you are ready, you get your Truewings and you can start for real. You will already know how to fly. But now it's time to assimilate the sensations of the inner ear, the sounds and smells as well as learn things like pre-flight, re-oiling etc. Each hour of dual flight will be much more valuable for you ! This is how we think you can get the most out of every training.

  • What is the No. 1 success factor ?

    Regularity, regularity, regularity.

    You should book at least 3 hours a week minimum. And with this rythm you should reach a full PPL level in 3 months or a Professional in less than a year. It 's entirely in your hands, the aircraft will never be in maintenance ! =)

  • How can i contact you ?

    Open a conversion by clicking the live chat icon !or email us at moc.sgniw-eurt%40tcatnocAfter that first contact, we may discuss by phone if you want. We are pragmatic pilots not a call centre =)

  • What is True-wings mission ?

    We believe that thanks to our experience and our proven method we can help aviation enthusiasts at any stage of their training to become the best in the sky and make a very successful career without difficulties !

  • What is True-wings vision ?

    Begin training earlier, get ahead of the mass, stay there to get the best job easily !As successful pilots ourselves, we are convinced that the success is a method, is directly a consequence of constant and never ending improvement. For a pilot it means a lot of training and coaching.And the sooner one begins, the sooner one gets ahead of the mass, becomes the referent in the class and easily gets the best job before everyone else. And that, is the fast track of a great career.

  • I will not feel the plane, so is a basic home simulator sufficient to train seriously ? 

    The brain need to memorise the basics, where to look when, in which direction move the control, (but not necesseraly the intensity), You train your brain to adapt, and a good pilot is also one who can change of aircaft and still after 1 hour of adapatation fly a perfect approach. A good IFR pilot must also learn to NOT thrust its "seat of the pants" feeling, its actually an agreable sensation in VMC, but notice this feeling can be very dangereous in IMC, as you will learn there is a lot of killing sensorial illusion. To counter that, you must thrust your instrument. So its actually a good thing to begin the training on a fixed simulator.
    Flying in the sim can at some point become harder than realworld ! So when going real, you think its a piece of cake..
    General method + habits + non technical-skills

  • At what stage of my pilot training should i use TW ?

    Flight sim is an incredible tool. Before training : prepare your training visualise, activate muscle memory, develops good habits, get a general overview of what to expect, build confidence. During : accelerate your visual scannings, prepare a cross-country flight, prepare a specific type of approach,
    Come back to your mistake, solve your difficulties… and be ready to perform a lot better during your next lesson.
    After flight school : to prepare complex IFR/VFR navigation, preview complex airport environnement, prepare for a pilot job assessment…

  • Does it matter to have a joystick instead of a yoke as the plane from my school ?

    Because it's not how the brain works. Actually the direction or the intensity has more importance than the feeling in your hands.

  • Will i have always the same instructor ?

    You keep the same instructor for the whole training pack you chose.
    After buying another pack you can ask to have the same (mention it during signup after payment).
    If you request a checkride, to avoid bias, you will have a new examiner during the check flight.

  • In which language will i be trained ?

    English ! It's aviation "official" language.
    But if you are not fluent yet, during sign up ask for an instructor who speaks your language and we will find you one !

  • Do you provide theoretical courses ?

    Not yet. But you can find a lot of quality theoretical content on the web for free. Then you can ask your TW instructor to explain you something specific, he will even be able to demonstrate what is the operational implication of this knowledge so you can understand it better and memorise instantly.

  • Are the flight hours countable as official flight time ?

    No. Our pre-trainings are not yet approved by the aviation regulations or countable as proper official flight time.
    We provide you with the essential : competency. And with that you may need only the minimum required time when you transition into a real-world training.

  • Do i need to be a former flight instructor?

    As long as you have a CPL and more than 1500 hours, you can train some Truewings students. No need of FI or FE. There is no risk of negative training as you will follow the standardised programs with detailed exercises, common errors and passing criterias. All the relevant instructor guides will be available to you. Furthermore :● No safety risk in virtual world● They will obvisously have a classic training before flying the real thing solo.● As the student will have to pass mandatorily a virtual evaluation, between each of the phases of TWtrainings, with a certified instructor, bad habits will be nip in the bud !And remember, that most of the students would use flightsim solo anyway, so as you are here to teach them, you actually lessen a lot the risk of negative habits !
    #To teach for a TWtraining you will need just the corresponding real rating uploaded on your profil page. (ex : CPL IRME to teach CPL IRME)#To conduct an intermediate TWevaluation or a checkride, you will need the real instructor rating uploaded on your profil page. (ex : FI for PPL checkride, CRI for ME checkride, IRI for IR checkride.)(Having an examiner rating (FE, IRE, CRE, TRE) is only a good clue of your real experience, which the student sees when it chooses its instructor.

  • How do i share my screen and my mouse with the student ?

    Download zoom for desktop. It's easy to use.

    Zoom is better than Skype for our activity :
    -You can send/receive scheduled meeting invite.
    -You can share the screen & mouse of your trainee, so you can show him things directly into his cockpit !
    -No time limit with the free version (as long as you are just two).

    This video about ZOOM shared screen is a good explainer :

    Zoom help center page :

  • How much can i make ?

    1 training (5 hours)= 346€
    2 trainings = 693€
    5 trainings = 1730€

    Already deducted :
    Platform operating fee (website/app dev, payment security, maintenance, third parties tools...) 

  • What equipment do i need ?

    ● Minimum required :A free screen sharing software (Zoom) and a reliable internet connexion.You will be able to see the screen of your student and interact with your mouse in it.● Required for demonstration of manœuvers (Private level must have) : joystick or yoke with yaw axis configured. (39€)● Optimum level :+ VR headset (2021, finally very efficient and affordable, fast return of investment, less than 8 lessons) 
    FYI: Headsets are now used in reallife type ratings.

  • How to make sure i get paid ?

    The trainee will have a certified profile.Each time a student wants to book a lesson, the payment is withdraw automatically from his account. Once you land, you have to debrief and validate the flight. Your receive your money immediately at the end of the training module.(ex : After a 5 hours pack training, you complete and validate the last lesson (fifth hour), you receive the payment for the whole 5 hours pack !) In case of any issue you will be able to have the TW team on the phone. 

  • What is the instructor experience process ?

    You create your profile by clicking "join crew" , tick the equipments you have, upload a photo of your ratings and provide your availabilities.A student chooses an instructor, requests to book a lesson and pre-pays online.You receive an email to accept or not the training.Then you can consult the training syllabus and prepare your lesson.You meet online with your trainee 5 minutes before the session to check hardware etc.During the flight, you use TW live debriefing feature to grade and comment each exercise. (On the mobile site it's more convenient as your computer will be busy)Once the lesson is done, you validate it via the livedebriefing form, your trainee receives a copy by email for verification and then you receive your payment.After that the student can consult your debriefing and book you for another lesson if it's not already done.Very easy process actually.
    Due to the increasing demand we are actually building an app, and any suggestions are welcome !Play with prototype

  • What are the different authorization levels on TW ?

    Here in this virtual academy, the regulation is simpler for the best !
    To train a student you only need to have the rating on your license. You don't need to have the corresponding instructor rating.
     To do virtual check ride (if this later requests it after a training pack completion) you will need to have the corresponding instructor rating.

  • How can i contact you ?

    After that first contact, we may discuss by phone if you want. We are pragmatic pilots not a call centre =)

How to save money on real pilot training?

Sources : Takeflightaviation;Chinookflightime ;Caa.co

Preparation is the key to success !
Reaching a high level of competence early thanks to your flight simulator and an experienced coach is the smartest way to become a good pilot !

 100%of airline pilots use flight simulation at least twice a year

Snapshot of the future

At the moment the VR/MR headsets allowing to read details (airspeed, heading, waypoint...) are too expensive for personal usage.
In meantime, True-wings instructors use the screen sharing feature built in Zoom or the shared cockpit feature (add-on to the sim software). Free, very efficient and easy to use.