Great pilots are made not born

Reach your aviation goals faster
‏‏‎‏‏‎‏Coached by professional pilots via online flight simulation
Prepare any real-world training online
Learn from the best from home
‏‏‎‏‏‎‏Coached by professional pilots via online flight simulation
The first essential step to your goals
The more you train, the more ahead you will be, and the best job you will get.
Start earlier, train smarter, fly higher

Coached online on your desktop flight simulator by real airline pilots

How it works

  • Select your training

    Whatever you just discovered flightsim ? Want to fly seriously ? Or prepare a real-world training ? We have a solution for you, the next-gen method.

  • Choose a remote instructor

    Our instructors are experienced real-world pilots, usually flying business jets or airliners.They will follow an online tailored training.

  • Share a cockpit online

    Using today's flight simulation, at home you can get 95% of the benefice of a real-world training.XPLANE, MSFS, Prepa 3D etc.


"We believe good pilots start on their home simulator,We provide them experienced remote instructor "

Pilot goals

Private pilot flying vfr

Private pilot

Your TW instructor will make you fully ready for the PPL, help you on specific difficulties you encounter or even challenge you to be more confident.

39 per hourReal-world : from 150€

Commercial pilot flying IFR

Professional pilot

Your TW instructor will teach you advanced operational skills, multi-engines handling, IFR flying or help you on specific difficulties you encounter.

69per hourReal-world : from 300€

Airline pilots flying boeing 737

Expert level

Tailored to your wishes, this type of lesson will prepare you for a type rating course (A320, 737 etc.) or teach you specific module like airline sim assessment, LVO, JOC, dodging weather etc.

99 per hourReal-world : indecent

Happy pilots or 100% refunded

Save 2200€ or more

As example, a PPL student pre-trained online, is autonomous from the 2nd real-world lesson !
PPL average total hours without online preparation : 65h :(PPL min required hours : 45h =)

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With screen mirroring or VR glasses & shared cockpit, you choose how to be trained.
We will help you reach your flying goals a lot faster.

Official programs

Consult your debriefing, your logbook and watch your learning curve until you get the green light to fly your real-world training.
EASA/FAA FCL as reference

Next-gen tools

Your instructor will be able to freeze the sim, reposition, record, analyse your flight parameters, add screenshots to your debriefing etc.
No lost-time, best learning curve ever.

Eco friendly

No fuel burned, no car rides to the airport and if you go on in real aircraft, you will need minimum dual time required & get the most out of every flight. 

"Most used method in the near future"

"To be honest i just wanted to learn instrument flying but i was advised to get back to basics. And it was true, flying alone develops me bad habits, but now i even feel ready for multi-engines training”

September 10, 2020

Jeff Dumont

Private pilotInstrument ratingMulti-engines rating

“I've always wondered why home flight simulation was not used more for training, but since that Truewings has created the perfect tool for instructors to deliver high quality training despite the distance, i'm confident that in the near future this will be the number one step before getting on a real plane. ”

May 27, 2020


Easy jet airline pilot, 8000 hours

“The training was so interesting and fun, my instructor is a friend now but the best about TW was finishing first my real commercial pilot license ”

June 23, 2020

Elizabeth Difranco

Commercial pilot 

“I was curious about TW ! I chose the Private wings training with a business jet first officer as instructor. He was so patient and improved my flying so much. Actually i was just a flightsimer before, now i fly like in the real thing and it's a lot more fun.”

August 28, 2020

Martin Veyret

Private pilot level

"Most affordable way to train efficiently"

Pro pilots wanted !

Get more from your expertise ? If you master it, you can explain it.

pilot gallons barrettes

Our academy is always looking for commercial pilots or instructors who are ready to get more from their experience by teaching aviation enthusiasts. We furnish an easy online interface to follow the training program, fill the syllabus of the trainee and be insured to get paid. Pilots with CPL 1500h+ are also welcome, even if everything is based on realworld, it's a 100% safe virtual sky. Prepare your trainees online so they will be the smartest and safest during their real-world lessons and career !

  • Work from anywhere in the world

  • Artboard 22

    Up to more than 400 € per week-end

  • Teach at your pace, no obligation